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About the Bride's Attendants

Hannah Elizabeth Davidson

Hannah is the closest thing that I have to a sister. We became fast friends when we met Freshman year and have experienced so many things together, from sharing a bunk in the Chi Omega 16 girl attic for a year to backpacking Europe, somehow managing not to get lost in either. Her occasional blonde moments keep us all laughing and shaking our heads, yet her patience is something I will always envy. A beautiful person inside and out, she is the epitome of a Christian in every sense and I strive to be more like her each and every day.

Britton Ashli Blough

I was blessed to become close to Britton while studying abroad in Spain along with Hannah in 2006. The care and support that she has given me over the years has been nothing less than genuine and unwaivering. She is one of the wisest people I know and is the first I turn to after Mom, of course for advice on any subject. We share the same passion for travel and I cannot wait to continue to add more priceless experiences to our list of places that I have been so fortunate to have enjoyed with her thus far.

Rebekah Lang Connell

Rebekah and I share uncountable special memories. Whether it was surviving Memphis in May Freshman year, driving around campus daily blasting Jason Mraz and Benjy Davis, visiting Shreveport for a Mardi Gras Ball and Ms. Janns Twinkie Surprise, or making sure Hannah knew what country she was in while backpacking Europe, I cannot think of a single time that we have not found fun to be had. Anyone who knows her will agree that she is no doubt the Life of the Party. Rebekah has constantly uplifted and encouraged me since the beginning of my college experience and I cherish her friendship more than words could ever describe.

Kathryn Michelle Morrison

Kathryn, or Ku Bear as I so fondly call her, is simply put, a huge ray of sunshine. Along with Hannah, she is one of the most patient people I know. Wherever we are, she is sure to be the happiest, most optimistic person in the room lending support to anyone who may need it, while adding an element of fun to any gettogether. I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity of living and traveling with her and I look forward to more of her brightshining rays in the future.

Katherine Ann Lafargue

Katherine, or Fargolicious as I often call her, has been such a blessing to get to know so well these past few years. I enjoyed the best semester living with her and her precious cat Toulouse, who will always hold a special place in my heart. Katherine is such a true friend and has been there since the beginning of Marion & Clark, being one of the first to hear of my repetitive mentions of the crush that developed on him after a mission trip together in Slidell, Louisiana. Fargo and I are able to sit and talk for what seems like hours and I look forward to many more conversations in the future whether they are about Clark, Parker, or perhaps even Toulouse.

Nina Guinn Brownd

I do not even know where to begin naming the precious memories that Nina and I have shared together. Whether it was frustrating our high school softball coaches while attempting to appropriately throw a ball, constantly chasing boys in Florida, skiing in our bikinis in Breckenridge, illegally sneaking into the VIP section at the Kentucky Derby, or helping each other survive the perils of Freshman year as dorm mates, we have always been successful at sticking together. I love Nina dearly and look forward to acting as teammates once again with her and Bo as Clark and I begin our journey into our new stage of life.

Rachel Marian Hartz

Rachel is one of the most supportive people I have ever met. The enthusiasm that she has shown when hearing of milestones in

my life has meant more to me than words could ever describe. Whether our conversations involve Clark or a possible job opportunity, she is always more than excited to hear about anything I share with her, lending undaunted support and encouragement. I will always cherish our times roadtripping with the girls or attending Duck Gumbo in Stuttgart and I look forward to continuing those traditions in the future.

Lacey Anne Watts

Dont let Lacey fool you she may come in a tiny package, but she has one of the biggest and best personalities of anyone I know. She always offers the most enthusiastic entertainment in any crowd and will greet anyone with the most beautiful smile. I will never forget her famous side pony while pledging and will cherish our memories of becoming close while hanging out at the Sigma Chi house Sophomore year. I look forward to her and Evans entertaining, yet genuine support as Clark and I enter the realm of marriage.

Rachel Parker Harding

Rachel served as my partnerincrime while interning in St. Thomas. I will always cherish the times we had boating to the surrounding islands when Clark and Buddy would visit, surviving working with the interesting to say the least locals, or fighting off lizards and scorpions in our cracker jack box sized efficiency. Rachel absolutely has the heart of gold and is the most loving person I know. I cannot wait to make more priceless memories hopefully traveling to more exotic places with both Rachel and Buddy.

Lauren Elizabeth Alexander

Although I have been close friends with Lauren since meeting Freshman year, just in this past year have I had the pleasure of living with her. I could not have asked for a better roommate to enjoy my last days of bachelorette dom with. She is fun, genuine, and compassionate and has the best laugh I think I have ever heard. I am truly grateful for these last nine months as her roommate as she has taught me patience and a giving heart without even meaning to. Although we shall never be roommates again, I look forward to remaining close with Lauren well into the future.

Mary Elizabeth Liles

Mary Elizabeth may seem shy at first, yet once you get to know her you will surely see the opposite. Melly has always been such a wonderful friend to me and I am positive that I would never be able to find a person that could say otherwise. I have enjoyed our numerous trips together, including two very memorable visits to the Big Easy where you were sure to find us dancing, singing, and sipping hurricanes side by side as well as her accompanying me to a Jason Mraz concert where believe it or not, she enjoyed herself as much as I did. Although distance is sure to separate us beginning in the next few months, Clark and I look forward to spending time with Melly and Andrew as much as time will allow.

Christine Anne Pickard

Anyone who knows Christine knows that she is by far one of a kind. Her quick wit and unparalleled sense of humor has honestly added so much to my college experience. When all of us girls get together and Christine is not present, it is apparent that something is missing. I have enjoyed Chris' friendship so much over the past several years. She is such a fun, caring, honest, and entertaining individual and I cant imagine having had never met her. I definitely look forward to future festivities with her as she is sure to continue to add an element that helps to make our group of friends so unique.

Christiana Elise Hollenberg Maury

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my cousin Chrissa become the beautiful young woman that she is today. Although we may live hundreds of miles apart, we have been so blessed to have spent a good amount of time together while growing up over the years and have therefore made so many memories that we love to reminisce of whenever we are together. I will always cherish her trips to Newport during the summers and I look forward to visiting her more in Chicago as well as perhaps even a new location as she enters college.

Natalie Ann Curtner

Although Natalie and I are only cousins, I have always seen her as a younger sister. She is such a joy in so many ways. She is kind, humorous, and extremely talented. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her as I know there is so much she will achieve. Whether it is her photographic talents, her sweet nature, or her genuine conversations that are paralleled by none other, she definitely adds an extremely warm addition to the Curtner family.

About the Groom's Attendants

Richard Walker Donat

Richard, my one and only sibling, who has seen me through numerous trials and tribulations who was by the way the instigator of most of them has and forever will be my closest friend. Throughout our youth I was the annoying younger brother, yet he has always included me in everything he has done. He has been a mentor to me my entire life and I know he will continue to be my closest confidant. I cannot imagine a better person to stand for me as my best man.

Clay Thomas Lee

Clays graduating from the University of Tennessee has surprisingly

enough not prevented us from becoming fast friends after meeting our first year of law school. Clay has broadened my horizons, contributing to my first experience wearing a bow tie a Volunteer bow tie I mind you for which the grief from Arkansas friends was endless, as well as the idea to attend a NASCAR race via RV for my bachelor party. I look forward to partaking in more of Clays bright ideas.

Andrew Robert Wilkins

Drew and I have known each other since daycare. I will never forget his thick glasses in seventh grade, his bragging about his receptions during the Springdale Red & White Game in high school especially since I was the one covering him or the uncountable times he donkeykicked my door at the Sigma Chi house at 2:55 am for a check for Jimmy Johns. He has always been a great friend and even though distance may separate us, I am certain we will have more memories to reminisce of.

Michael Benjamin Von Kanel

Big Ben has been nothing less than a trooper for putting up with all law school roommates for the last 3 years. As I am certain that he will be pleased to never have to hear another grueling conversation about Torts, Contracts, or Property, he will forever be my Bug Man, using his degree in Entomology to the fullest.

Robert Charles McClure

Robert and I have known each other the majority of our lives. Whether it was traveling the hallowed grounds of Williamsburg and Yorktown in junior high, cruising the halls together at the Sigma Chi and Kappa Sigma parties, or navigating our recent, arduous journey through law school, Robert has always kept the expeditions interesting and full of surprises. I look forward to many more journeys in the future.

Stephen Joseph Wilson

My cousin Stephen definitely partook in the endless mischief that all of us cousins instigated. We have grown up since then yet I will forever enjoy looking back and laughing at the trouble we all raised. I am honored to be able to include Stephen, as well as his brothers Jonathan and Matthew as an integral part of our wedding.

Jonathan David Wilson

Jonathan, my cousin, has always been the most adventuresome guy

I know. For example, the first time Marion met him, he decided to take us repelling off of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 30 degree weather. I definitely look forward to more exciting and warmer adventures with Jonathan in the future.

Joel Michael Huffman

Joel was one of the first people I met at a Blytheville summer rush party before our freshman year. As fate would have it, we became not only pledge brothers but great friends as well. Joel and I loved to talk about sports and girls of course before I met Marion and he has always been willing to accompany me to Dickson Street to enjoy a mug of beer and great conversation. I look forward to much more mantalk and frosty brews with Joels company.

Thomas Robert Curtner II

Robert, also fondly known as Bobert, unbeknownst to most, has been a friend of mine long before Marion and I ever met. We have already enjoyed numerous vacations, ball games, and holidays together and I look forward to enjoying many more. I consider it a true honor to gain Robert as a brother.

Joshua Charles Stanfill

Josh has always been like a second brother to me. I had a knack in high school for not only eating dinner at my house but eating a second at his house as well. I will never forget the times we had at Patricks flipping hamburgers or his patience waiting for me for too long to recall to get down a blue slope while skiing. Marion and I are excited to venture into the world of marriage with Josh and Abbys support and guidance.

Joshua Barnett Hite

Josh, Duck Hunter Extraordinaire, has enlightened me of the joys of hunting, not to mention reminding me of how bad I am at it. We have survived pledgeship, law school, and living together and I can only imagine the many more embarrassing moments that Josh will be there to enjoy. I look forward to new experiences that are waiting for us in the future.

Matthew James Wilson

My cousin Matthew and I always were able to find more than enough wholesome trouble when we were young. Growing up, we were only able to see each other a few times out of the year, yet when we were together, it did not matter that we lived states away; we were still able to discover enough mischief for both of us. I will always enjoy looking back and smiling of the times we have had together.

William Franklin Landreth

Having been born merely a few hours apart, it is safe to say that Will and

I have always been close. Whether it is Wills ability to make me laugh at absolutely anything, the part he has played in crafting my love for penguins, or his attendance on family vacations to Colorado, Florida, and St. Thomas, we have always had so much fun together. Will has always felt like family and Clark and I are honored to include him in this special day. We look forward to spending more time with him in the future.

James Homer Welch IV

Anyone who knows or has ever known Jimbo can definitely say that he is unlike anyone else they have ever met. He is truly one of a kind. His humor and energy is distinctly entertaining, not to mention hilarious. He has added so much fun to every family holiday and I do not see it ceasing anytime in the future. I have thoroughly enjoyed growing up with Jimbo as a cousin and I look forward to so many more fun times to come.

Thomas Zachary Taylor Curtner

Trying to narrow the memories that Taylor and I have shared together is nothing less than difficult. Growing up cousins that are just five months apart, we have had so many great times. Whether it was naively selling lemonade out of Budweiser cups at the end of the street or charging our neighbors a quarter to watch us perform our famous concert in the dog pen in the back yard, I am sure that we always kept our parents entertained one way or the other. Clark and I cannot wait to spend more time with Taylor while living in Dallas and hope to share even more memorable moments.